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Helicopter control and its general models (PPT presentation)

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  1. Project overview
  2. Atmospheric conditions
  3. Lift coefficient
    1. Wake model
    2. Section model
    3. Lift coefficient along the span
    4. Lift coefficient versus the angle of attack
  4. Lift force
  5. Pressure coefficient
    1. Overview of the study
    2. Pressure coefficient along the span
    3. Comparison with the NASA
  6. Helicopter noise reduction
    1. The Blade-vortex interaction
    2. Results of the study
  7. Calculation of the helicopter power

Goal of the project: make a software package to determine the helicopter behavior

Further applications:
- Make dynamic analysis
- Study the trajectory
- Investigate air combat
- Prepare pilot training...

- Very few investigations have been conducted till now
- A very accurate model can excessively increase the computation time and the complexity of the programs

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