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Isaac Newton's laws of motion

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  1. Newton's physical laws
    1. The law of inertia
    2. The law of acceleration
    3. The law of reciprocal actions
  2. The use of Newton's laws

It is amazing how each new discovery in science and technology has allowed us as a society to improve our standards of living. What is even more phenomenal is that most of these discoveries were made so far before their time, and have so much influence on the fields of study that are used today. One such discovery was made by Isaac Newton in 1687. Newton's laws govern motion, and these laws are the foundation of classical mechanics.

[...] In this case, Newton's laws are perfect for these operators, just as they are for classical objects. At speeds comparable to the speed of light, second law holds in the original form F = dp / dt, which says that the force is the derivative of the momentum of the object with respect to time, but some of the newer versions of the second law don't hold at relativistic velocities? (GSU). Although these laws that Newton discovered were found 400 years ago, they are still a very important aspect of society as we know it today. [...]

[...] This is also called the law of inertia. Newton's second law of motion states that ?force is equal to the change in momentum per change in time. For a constant mass, force equals mass times acceleration. Therefore, the rate of change of momentum of a body is proportional to the resultant force acting on the body and is in the same direction? (NASA). The law can also be written as a formula, where force, m = mass, v = velocity and t = time. [...]

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