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Oil and Gas: condition monitoring system

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  1. Purpose
  2. Working of condition monitoring system
  3. Application

The oil and gas field has adopted condition monitoring and control systems to boost oil production efficiency and reliability by reducing unscheduled outages and improving machine performance. Rotating equipment, such as compressors, are critical in the production of oil and gas. The rotating machinery such as machinery, motors and compressors are subject to constant wear and tear that necessitates constant maintenance.

[...] For example, in a compressor the condition monitoring system is developed based on pressure and temperature variations in the device. The measuring instruments chosen are based on the parameters likely to indicate failure (Collacott, 2012). The systems detect equipment degradation and misalignment, trace historical usage, and assist optimize machine performance - an eventually improving system uptimes and reduce repair costs. The study by Ebersbach and Peng (2008) explores the employment of specialist structures permitting vibration examination to counteract losses in rotary mechanical systems. [...]

[...] Variation of the factors beyond the norm within the compressors and pump signifies a possible system failure. Working of condition monitoring system Rotating mechanical systems are employed in the oil and gas facilities, among other industrial processing facilities. Condition monitoring of the oil and gas systems, specifically vibration monitoring, permits losses prevention triggered by misalignment, unbalanced forces, metal fatigue, inappropriate lubrication of ball bearings, welded parts cracks and locking of ball bearings. The oil and gas condition monitoring system is developed around the fetures of the device being monitored. [...]

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