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Crystal growth and its characterization

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  1. Introduction
    1. Fundamental process in crystal growth
    2. Techniques of crystal growth
  2. Experimental setup
    1. Introduction
    2. Selection of compounds for crystal growth
    3. Calculation of proportionality for selected compound
    4. Experimental set up (SET)
    5. Limitations of slow evaporation technique
  3. Characteristic study of grown crystals
    1. Thermal expansions binary crystals
    2. XRD characteristics of crystals
  4. Findings, Conclusions and Suggestions for further Research
  5. Bibliography

Recent developments in semiconductor research technology over that last decade have lead to a renew interest in the growth of single crystals with better physical perfection and high crystal growth is newly emerging field in this study of material science which involves control phase change the rapid development of new materials has made material science discipline highly interdisciplinary. Crystals are of the gifts nature are often this regular shape now known has the retention of periodic arrangement of molecules in microscopic view. Crystals have been fascinating mankind since pre- historic times because of the external and morphology luster and glare. Condensed matter and material physical play an important role many of the scientific and technological advances that have changed our lives. Priorities of the society have shifted to economic will being information technology and communications. The technological advances based on the understanding of basic physics of materials along with our increasing ability to tail. And the composition and structure of materials in a cost effective manner is very immersing the modern technological development of the crystal growth depend greatly on the availability of suitable single crystal, crystal growth is an art involves a variety of research fields ranging from surface physics crystallography and materials science to condensed matter physics.

[...] The rays were reflected by a family of parallel reflecting planes (or crystal planes), that extend through the atoms with in the crystal and that contain regular arrangement of the atoms. Fig shows the family of planes with inter planar spacing from which the incident rays shown are said to reflect. Fig Rays and 3 reflect from the first, second and third planes, respectively. At each reflection the angle of incidence and angle of reflection are represented with ?. There angles are defined relative to the surface of the reflecting planes rather than a normal to that surface. [...]

[...] & saturated solutions yield small size crystals Crystal Growth From Melt: This method can be applied to grow crystals which involve as wide range of chemical bonding from ionic, covalent, metallic to molecular. An essential requirement in this method is material should be stable and not dispose at the melting point. Melt growth is the process of crystallization by fusion & resolidification of the pure material- crystallization from melt on cooling the liquid below it's freezing point. The Techniques involved in this method are Vernaulli Technique 2. [...]

[...] The table below provides links to each of the individual articles for these compounds Selection of Compound for Crystal Growth It is the major step in the crystal growth. The solubility is found out for above combinations using suitable solvent viz water ethanol, acetone, corbonterachloride, hexane, xelene. In this work compounds are selected depending on solubility in water only they are enlisted as follows LiCl, NaCl, KCl, LiBr, NaBr, KBr, LiI and KI. Here can see 28 combinations.based on matrix method of those we have selected 4 combinations of two compositions Caluculation of compositions for the crystal growth This has the following steps 1. [...]

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