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How Mad is Reefer?

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  1. Introduction
  2. The governments say in how one chooses to treat oneself
  3. The argument for those against
  4. Deciding if cannabis creates adverse medical problems
  5. Cerebral palsy
  6. The status of Tourette's Syndrome
  7. The Compassionate Investigational New Drug Program
  8. Conclusion

From the age of twelve and older nearly 40% of our country, about 98 million Americans, has used Cannabis sativa for its psychological and physiological effects in much the same way as it has been throughout recorded history (AMA Council). This lengthy past has constructed a harsh stigma around the plant and those who smoke it, sparking demonstrations, laws and cult classic anti-drug films. As modern science begins to understand how to apply its effects to medicine, this stigma persists. This conjured cloud of misunderstandings and myths confuses the issue, effectively hiding what medicine has already decided; Cannabis has a significant possibility to relief suffering for many different patients.

[...] This is a boon for many reasons, first of which, chronic Opioid use comes with extreme addiction, both physical and psychological, and terrible withdrawal syndrome, both of which Cannabis lacks. Chronic use of Opioids also saps the body of nutrients and can harm the Immune System and kidneys. For this reason some patients use a combination of the two to fully control their symptoms(Russo, Guy, Robson)8. Now that many different illnesses have been put forward that are helped by Cannabis, it is only fair to put forward a study that shows the reason the government may have been wrong about Cannabis' analgesic effects (Wallace).[11] The study did conclude that pain was reduced by inhaled Cannabis, but the circumstances were particular. [...]

[...] So to recap, studies and observations show that medical Cannabis most likely creates no long term complications, is not in any way a detriment to society and its inhaled form is much preferred by patients hoping to avoid too high a dose rather than an oral extract. Now, as to there being safer alternative medication, we must explore each individual illness. This paper will restrict itself to Fibromyalgia, Tourette's syndrome, Cancer and AIDs pain relief, Insomnia, Multiple sclerosis, Glaucoma, and Cerebral Palsy. [...]

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