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Chemical weapons and biological reaction

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Chemical substances employed during a military operation to kill, wound or temporarily retard certain body parts also result in physiological effects. It is necessary to distinguish between the following substances: the irritants (not very toxic), physical ones (which do not leave after-effects), the vesicants (which cause burns), suffocating ones (which cause an asphyxiation) and the neurotoxins or organophosphates (the exacerbated shape of a very dreaded insecticide).

Moreover, a lot of ingredients used to manufacture them are freely available on sale for the chemical industry. The mode of dissemination can be an explosion, dispersion by heating or dispersion by pulverization. Toxicity is related to the exposure time and the rate of concentration.

In the level of the destruction, the chemical weapons are located between the biological nuclear weapons and the conventional weapons. They are however defined on the same lines as the weapons of massive destruction.

Tags: chemical weapons and the biological reaction, chemical weapons as weapons of massive destruction, physiological effects of chemical weapons

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