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Determining the heating value of a fuel

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  1. Abstract
  2. Introduction
  3. Experimental procedure and setup
    1. Transparent gelatin capsule
    2. Bomb calorimeter
  4. Results and discussion
  5. Summary/conclusion
  6. References

We carried out this experiment in order to determine the heating value of Diesel fuel. We used a bomb calorimeter as the main apparatus along with a precision scale and a capsule filled with Diesel fuel. We performed the experiment under a pressure of 25 atmospheres. We took measures to compare and analyze the experimental heating value of Diesel fuel and determine whether it is close to the lower heating value (LHV) or the higher heating value of the (HHV) of Diesel.

This experiment was based mainly on the 1st law of thermodynamics which states that ?the increase in internal energy of a system (?U) is equal to the amount of energy added by heating the system (?Q) minus the amount lost as work done by the system (?W). This law is displayed in equation (1).

[...] Table Calculated Quantities for Trials 1 and 2 Fuel Table 4 below shows the comparison of the lower heating values and the higher heating values for different fuels. The heating value of Diesel obtained in the experiment is extremely close to the HHV of the literature with only a error. We obtained a condensate at the end of each trial in the experiment, which means that, water which is a byproduct of combustion was condensed in to a liquid. Therefore the heat of vaporization of water was recovered at 25 C. [...]

[...] Total = (mwCw +mf Cf We obtained the change in energy of the fuel Fuel) by using equations and Finally the heating value ?H' of the fuel was calculated by the aid of equation Experimental Setup & Procedure We started off the experiment by measuring a transparent gelatin capsule, using a precise balance. Then we filled the capsule with the diesel fuel which, was provided, and measured the weight of the system (capsule + Diesel fuel). We turned on the vent fan when the fuel was being poured in to the capsule in order to prevent any combustion with atmospheric air. [...]

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