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Implementation of speed controller of PMDC motor: A fuzzy logic based approach

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  1. Abstract
  2. Introduction
  3. Fuzzy logic and MATLAB
  4. System block diagram and description
  5. Methodology
  6. FLC and membership function design
  7. Experimental results
  8. Conclusions and future scope
  9. References

This paper focuses on one of the armature control methods of speed control of PMDC motor by using fuzzy logic, which is implemented in MATLAB tool box. The use of fuzzy logic in the control system is to reduce the complexity and probably to minimize the mathematical work is in the area of controller. The implementation of fuzzy logic is amazingly simple due to availability in fuzzy processors. Various microcontrollers are also supporting to the fuzzy logic leads to ease implementation of such controllers. Here an attempt has been made, to design and control the speed of PMDC motor with Fuzzy Logic and MATLAB. The system is designed and fabricated using PC and ?C?, MATLAB tool box. Fuzzy rules are prepared and tuned to in such a way that it can control the speed of PMDC motor at desired speed with minimal amount of time at high accuracy. The system is enough flexible and needs less hardware to implement the entire controller.

[...] Inductive proximity Speed sensor DC Motor F/V converter A/D and D/A converter PWM generator circuit MOSFET based chopper circuit Fuzzy controller. Input Computer ADC Card (PCL 207) MATLAB parameters. Defuzzification: Converts fuzzy set to crisp set. The defuzzification acquires the aggregated linguistic values from the inferred fuzzy control action and generates a non-fuzzy control output. MATLAB is a matrix laboratory used for solving the technical complex problems with the help of computing. It integrates computing, visualization and programming as well in easy use environment, where the problems and the solutions are expressed in conventional mathematics. [...]

[...] The developed system of Speed controller of PMDC motor based fuzzy logic is tested for various conditions. From the results obtained following conclusions can be drawn. The developed 2 response with better performance than conventional controllers. System has a greater flexibility. Acceptable error range is programmable results better accuracy. MATLAB makes easy to define fuzzy membership functions. The system gives good results for the entire operation of the speed. The system can be enhanced further to get better results by following ways. [...]

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