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Power quality issues and mitigation of voltage dips using power conditioning equipment

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  1. Introduction
  2. Power of quality issues
  3. Power quality problems
  4. Voltage dips
  5. Conclusion
  6. Bibliography

Most of the industrial loads are mainly controlled by power semiconductor devices. These devices make such loads more sensitive against power system disturbances. Thus, the power quality problems have gained more interest recently. This paper presents a review of some of the disturbances on the source side which may cause problems on the load side. Focus is given on problems associated with voltage dips. As voltage dips have been reported to be the most severe problems to industrial loads. Solutions towards such problems using power conditioning equipments are explored. Ideal sinusoidal voltage waveform is the prime electrical engineering (the IEC) does not yet use goal of electricity suppliers (called ?utilities?) to the term ?power quality? in any of its standard their customers. But it is not always possible documents. Instead of that, it uses the term because of normal system variations and some ?electromagnetic compatibility?. Keywords: Power Quality, Voltage Dips, Power Conditioning Equipments

[...] Equivalent circuit of a distribution feeder with SSC Thus, the instantaneous amplitude of uc(t) is controlled such as to eliminate any harmful effects of a system fault to the load voltage as long as the disturbance does not cause the circuit breaker to open CONCLUSION A literature review was carried out in order to explore some of the power quality problems and especially, voltage dips. To mitigate such problems, some power conditioning equipments have also been discussed. The reliability and power quality of industrial power systems can be significantly improved by optimal use of power electronics controllers REFERENCES IEEE standard dictionary of electrical and electronics terms, 6th edition, IEEE Std 1001996, IEEE, New York M.H.J. [...]

[...] Bollen, Understanding Power Quality Problems: Voltage Sags and Interruptions, New York, IEEE Press R.C. Dugan, M.F. McGranaghan, H.W. Beaty, Electrical Power Systems Quality, New York, McGraw-Hill European Standard EN 50160, ?Voltage characteristics of electricity supplied by public distribution systems?. A. von Jouanne, B. Banerjee, ?Assessment of voltage unbalance?, IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, vol no October 2001, pp. 782-790. J. Lamoree, D. Mudler, P. Vinett, W. Jones and M. Samotyi, ?Voltage Sags Analysis: Case Studies?, IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, vol no July/August 1994, pp. [...]

[...] Development of mitigation equipments has been related to development of power electronics controllers, which in turn led to the introduction of ?custom power? POWER CONDITIONING EQUIPMENTS The concept of ?custom power? is the employment of power electronic or static controllers in medium voltage distribution systems aiming to supply a reliable and higher quality power supply that is needed by sensitive users. Examples of custom power devices are static transfer switch active filters, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and converterbased devices. The converter-based custom power devices used to mitigate voltage variations and interruptions, can be divided into two main groups: shunt-connected and series-connected devices. [...]

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