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Study of dental-disease identification in digital radiographs using feature extraction

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  1. Abstract
  2. Introduction
  3. Advantages of direct digital radiography compared with conventional film
  4. Digital radiography systems in dentistry
  5. Routine dental diseases
  6. Methodologies studies
    1. Methods for caries diagnosis
    2. Technique to improve root canal procedure
    3. Feature extraction using content based management
  7. Results
  8. Discussion
  9. Conclusion
  10. References

Conventional film radiography, CT scan, digital radiograph etc. are different imaging modalities which support diagnosis of dental diseases. Amongst all latest advancements digital radiography is more comfortable technique in terms of its interpretation. Image enhancement technique is a right tool to improve constraints in the detection and interpretation of the radiographic structures of disease. The objective of the paper is to explore various image processing techniques developed by researchers to enhance the digital radiographs for diagnostic accuracy in assessment of various problems in dental care. Different imaging modalities like MRI, CT scan, digital radiograph, Ortho pantomograph etc. are available to support medical and dental diagnoses. Medical images collected by these modalities advance research in bioinformatics and help to manage biological data for improved diagnoses.

[...] The first step corrected the exponential attenuation and the second corrected for the response of the human visual system using a power function Feature Extraction using content based management: Content-based access (CBA) to image or content-based image retrieval (CBIR) is a separate upcoming branch in image data processing and management which maintains a repository of extracted features from an image. Global image features are extracted and a small set of feature numbers (vector) are used to describe the entire image rather than particular image regions. [...]

[...] In contrast to this, digital radiograph allows visualizing only the area of interest with much better clarity and the added advantage of zooming. Pathological conditions like cyst or tumor, routine checkup or overall evaluation are all special cases. When patient is examined, some clinical findings indicate that there is a need for radiographic examination. Radiographs are prescribed by dental surgeon to gather useful information which will influence the plan of treatment. Clinical information is used to select the type of radiograph and later to aid in their interpretation Fig. [...]

[...] In the search of literature, it was found that different processing algorithms, such as contrast and brightness adjustments, contrast enhancement, edge enhancement, histogram equalization, histogram stretching and noise reduction filters have been applied to digital or digitized radiographs to determine the marginal bone levels. Also digital radiographs processed with correction for attenuation and visual response may improve the measurement accuracy compared to film radiographs when assessing marginal bone levels. An additional shift in grey levels does not further improve the accuracy Filtering techniques were useful for the studying validity of linear interproximal dental carious lesions. [...]

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