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1984 contemporary politics

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Literature has a mysterious way of predicting certain events. The fact that history tends to repeat itself amplifies this phenomena. The novel, 1984, George Orwell seems to make certain predictions that are evident in our current political system. Censorship and government surveillance are two topics that are revealed through this novel. The novel and similarities in contemporary politics may be identified by reviewing the novel 1984 by George Orwell.

There are three primary characters revealed in the novel. Winston Smith is the primary character. He falls in love with Julia and brings her through the struggle to overthrow the Party. He is brought down by O'Brien. There are also three primary entities. Big Brother, The Party, and the Thought Police each work in cooperation throughout the novel.

The novel 1984 reveals an entity that monitors every action of the main character, Winston Smith. The setting of the novel is London. Oceania is the exact nation that this takes place in. Winston is actually a member of the Party that rules the nation. However, he was only a low level member. The leader was a mysterious figure known as Big Brother.

[...] In conclusion, multiple similarities between issues of contemporary politics and the novel 1984 may be identified. The primary issues are government surveillance and censorship. Our government censors people in multiple ways. The internet is used to both censor and monitor certain activities. Various agencies enforce the content that the government monitors. The government does not reveal certain information to the public. This is another similarity between the book displays. Several of these issues do not seem like political issues. However, the politicians decide on laws that promote each. [...]

[...] Richard Nixon attempted to hide this from the public. This occurred in 1972. (Williams) Another scandal that was hidden from the public was Iran-Contra. This took place during the Ronald Reagan era. In this scandal money was delegated to Contras in Nicaragua. Weapons were also sold to Iran in hopes of hostages being released. (Williams) This scandal began in1985 and lasted for 2 years. (Williams) The language enforced in the novel is similar to a language Americans use regarding politics. [...]

[...] Further research may reveal more similarities that could predict other political issues. Bibliography Catlin, Don. Lottery Book: The Truth Behind the Numbers. Taylor Trade Publishing Print. Edwards, Lilian , and Charlotte Waelde . Law and the Internet: Third Edition. Hart Publishing Print. Kerwin, Cornelius M , and Scott R Furlong. Rulemaking: How Government Agencies Write Law and Make Policy. CQ Press Print. Schwartz, Howard S. Society Against Itself, Political Correctness And Organizational Self-destruction Print. Williams, R. Political Scandals in The USA. Chicago: Fitzroy Dearborn Publishing Print. [...]

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