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Advantages of public/private schools over home schooling

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  1. Introduction
  2. The history of homeschooling
  3. Community aspects
  4. Socialization
  5. Discipline
  6. Conclusion

There is a current trend among parents of school-age children around the world to educate kids at home instead of in an institutional form. Although these parents want the best education and choices for their children and emphasize the difference, as well as the benefits of the home education, there are some social aspects that need to be considered in order to make an informed decision about education. Although the teaching resources available for home schooling parents are of high quality and follow the original school curriculum, there are still many doubts regarding the advantages of this method over private or public schools. The below argumentative essay would cover the main theories and research regarding the effectiveness and socialization characteristics of various forms of education to determine which one has overall superiority and the method that serves children's long term interest the most.

West (2009) confirms that in the past three decades homeschooling has become more popular than ever before. Today there are more than two million kids educated home. Although previously religious or secular attitudes influenced the decision, it looks like the lack of faith in school curriculum, teaching quality and respect for individual student needs has led to the explosion of the number of children being taught at home. Homeschooling is particularly popular among parents of children with special needs or those living in a remote area. However, the author also confirms that today's movement is a result of more parents having a ?fundamentalist? approach. Many of the homeschooling parents do not agree with the ideas and liberalism of the school. This results in the lack of regulation and optional testing, which is not necessarily in children's best interest. The main harms of homeschooling identified by research will be detailed below.

[...] The lack of interaction and getting to know communities, preferences, behavioral norms can damage children's future and create isolated adults. Some argue that children who are taking part in homeschooling are not isolated and are a part of the larger community of their living area. They are able to learn social norms without interacting with their age group in classes regularly. Promoting healthy communities and socialization processes of children is one of the main objectives of all public and private schools. [...]

[...] Becoming a stay at home homeschooling educator would not bring immediate financial benefits for the family, but if it is paired up with more than three children and the mother becoming a full time parent, this particular person would not be a useful member of the society, only their immediate family, directly, still some form of benefit would be provided for them. (Lines, 2000) 6. Conclusion The below overview has revealed many of the harms unregulated and inefficient homeschooling can have. It can have a slowing down effect on children's socialization process, academic achievements and discipline. [...]

[...] The unsupervised personality problems would become syndromes and serious handicaps by the time the grown up child starts to take part in the life of the society. Overall, the cost of homeschooling for the society is higher than public education, and the results have not been measured adequately to prove that better outcomes are worth this sacrifice by the society and parents. References Isenberg, E. (2006) The Choice of Public, Private, or Home Schooling. NCSPE Publication, Online. Lines, P. (1994) Homeschooling: Private Choices and Public Obligations. Home School Researcher 10(3):9?26. Lines, P. M. [...]

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