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Affects of the Roman Civilization on Modern Society

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  1. Introduction
  2. Roman civilization
  3. Affects of the Roman civilization on modern society
  4. Analysis
  5. Conclusion

Nations may be influenced by a variety of elements. No nation will come into existence without the assistance of another. Rome was a civilization that greatly influenced other nations. These influences are plentiful. In addition to the influences being plentiful, they are long lasting. The affects of the Roman civilization on modern civilization can be revealed through research and may be a testament to the future mistakes we may face.

The Roman civilization has specifically impacted modern religion. The spread of Christianity is the work of the Roman Empire. The establishment of Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches were caused by their civilization. (Collins) These denominations were derived from Eastern and Western Christians. The split was caused by ideological differences. The deciding factor in this split was when the Bishop of Rome assumed authority following Constantinople.(Collins)

[...] (Collins) The jury trials employed by the United States are also a direct result of the Roman Civilization influence. (Collins) Defense techniques are a product of Roman law. (Collins) The way that the United States considers someone innocent until they are proven guilty by a court may also be accredited to the Roman civilization. The entire criminal justice system employed by the United States is directly related to Roman law. (Collins) The Roman civilization also had a major influence on language. Latin is a direct result of the Roman civilization. [...]

[...] These bodies are the House of Representatives and the Senate. Other countries with bicameral legislatures include the Netherlands, the Philippines, the Czech Republic, the Republic of Ireland, and Romania. (Oleszek) Buenos Aires, Catamarca, Corrientes, Entre Ríos, Mendoza, Salta, San Luis, and Santa Fe have bicameral legislatures as well. (Oleszek) These are provinces of Argentina. Roman law also has a major influence on modern life. The Law of the Twelve Tables was the first code of law in the history of the Roman Civilization. This inspired Roman law. [...]

[...] (Collins) The Roman Civilization has also influenced modern art. They have specifically influenced pictures. The coins that display pictures was a Roman influence. They used pictures of Emperors on coins. (Collins) The use of authority figures on sculptures may also be credited to the Roman Civilization. They made sculptures of Emperors. (Collins) There are several factors regarding fall of the Roman Empire that is similar to the struggles facing the United States. They faced political problems such as corruption. (Baker) The United States faces this same problem with various scandals. [...]

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