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All day kindergarten Vs half day kindergarten

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Half Day Kindergarten Program.
  3. Advantages of Half-Day Programs.
  4. Disadvantages of Half-Day Programs.
  5. All Day Kindergarten Program.
  6. Advantages of All-Day Kindergarten Program.
  7. Disadvantages of All-Day Kindergarten Program.
  8. Comparative Studies.
  9. Conclusion.

Kindergarten programs first became popular after World War I. The kindergarten programs during that time were given on a half-day basis in order to serve more children and to save more money. During the depression, the enrollment in kindergarten programs got too low that a majority of school districts decided to cut back on the programs. It was only after the Second World War that the popularity of kindergarten programs began to rise again.
Kindergarten in the United States was previously considered to be a transitional experience for learners which are about to enter first grade. Enrolling children in kindergarten was a voluntary choice that parents would make if they want their child to become socially, mentally and emotionally adjusted before they enter primary schooling which starts at first grade.

[...] All Day Kindergarten Program All-day kindergarten programs are the kindergarten programs in which the child learner attends school everyday for 6 hours. A large number of states in the United States have started implementing these al-day kindergarten programs. All-day kindergarten programs were developed because of the following reasons; all kindergarten-aged students need a safe and enriching environment for more than two hours per day; students who are delayed cognitively, physically, socially, or emotionally benefit from having more time to obtain support and to practice skills in the areas of delay; full-day kindergarten can help level the playing field for those students who were not afforded quality preschool experiences; teachers can individualize instruction better if they are given half as many students for twice as much time; and our society needs its children to acquire important competencies earlier in their school careers (ECS 2004). [...]

[...] Half Day Kindergarten Program Half-day kindergarten programs are the traditional kindergarten programs in which the child learner attends school everyday for a duration of 2 to 3 hours either in the morning or in the afternoon. Most of the states in the United States have been implementing this half-day kindergarten program. Advantages of Half-Day Programs There are still a lot of educators and parents that prefer this traditional half-day everyday kindergarten program. They believe that this half-day kindergarten program has enough time to adequately provide the children with high quality education and social experience while still orienting them and properly prepping them up for primary schooling. [...]

[...] Although there are still a lot of factors to take in consideration when conducting comparative studies between all-day and half-day kindergarten programs, all-day kindergarten programs do not negatively affect academic performance of child learners. Although some of the studies conducted showed that there are no significant differences in the effect of both programs, there are no studies however that shows that half-day kindergarten programs are better than all-day kindergarten programs. It may therefore be concluded that, unless further results from better studies would prove otherwise, all-day kindergarten programs are better than half-day programs in terms of academic achievement, social development of the child and of convenience to teachers and parents. [...]

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