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American and European Experiences

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  1. Introduction
  2. Subeconomia military
  3. The department of defense
  4. Dependence- military
  5. Possibilities of conversion
  6. The problem of economic growth
  7. Conclusion
  8. Conclusion

A tendency to generate unemployment may be inevitable consequence of a market system, but it is not an inevitable evil. You can administer a capitalist system with high levels of employment - paying most likely the price of considerable degree of inflation.
A critic might question the low unemployment rate was achieved in some European countries because they used Greek workers, Turkish, which were returned to their countries of origin when the economy declined. The most commendable example is Switzerland, which boasted of less than 1% unemployment or inflation in 1978!

The problem was realized in the United States to the political changes that serve as an introduction to the prerequisite of the types of employment programs that have proven their value in other capitalist countries. This may involve a very difficult problem, but a different problem of defeating admission that the economic system itself may not work properly.

[...] There is a core of dependent companies of military expenditure to its own existence. So a cut in military spending will be deeply felt in certain areas, where there can be no other jobs available, or in companies that are "captive" of the Department of Defense. These companies and areas, practice intense lobbying in favor of military defense, which depends on their own survival. It's the same with your representatives in Congress. And this is what makes it so hard the problem of cuts in military spending. [...]

[...] The condition of freedom is eternal vigilance. THE PROBLEM OF ECONOMIC GROWTH These are some obvious problems for the US economy (inflation, unemployment, military dependence). But no one put growth as a problem, rather, he was regarded as the greatest of all system beneficial. Question the usefulness of more wealth seemed irresponsible. REFERENCES: Heilbroner, Robert L., The formation of the economic society, 5th Edition Ed Guanabara - . RJ ROSSETTI, José Paschoal, Introduction to economic. [...]

[...] Governs a population of more than 4 million people. This makes it the richest department of defense that any small nation in the world and, of course, the most powerful. The Department of Defense system encompasses people and industries. People first, include about 3 million soldiers spread over more than 2000 bases or sites, added to another million civil servants also crowded inside and outside of US borders. That still does not include millions more who have their livelihood in the civil services they provide to the armed forces. [...]

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