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Analysis of armed conflicts Mr Cook - The Six-Day War

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  1. Introduction
  2. Origins and conduct of the Six-Day War
    1. Origins of the conflict
    2. Conduct of the Six-Day War
  3. Consequences of the war
  4. Theoretical approach of the Six-Day War
    1. Constructivism, how a lack of recognition may lead to war
    2. Realism, an insatiable quest for power
    3. Liberalism, war for resources
  5. Conclusion

Seen as an ineffaceable trauma for Arabs and a poisoned victory for Israel, the Six-Day War has been a strategic moment in the history of the Middle East. Before developing the topic, a brief reminder of the previous Israeli-Arab relations is necessary to better situate and understand what led to the Six-Day War.

To better understand the Arab-Israeli conflict and more especially the 1967 crisis, reminding the origins of the conflict is important. Therefor, we have to go back to August the 29th of 1897 and a congress in Basel in which was advocated for the first time the idea of the creation of a Jewish state. 19 years later, the Sykes-Picot agreement was signed where British and French considered possible sharing a territory in Palestine under an Ottoman control.

A few years later, in 1920, the establishment of a British mandate about Palestine at the United Nations takes place. In the following years the first waves of Jewish immigration to Palestine happen, as well as the first clashes between Jewish and Arab communities appear.

On November the 29th of 1947, the vote of the UN General Assembly provides the establishment in Palestine of two states: an Arab one and a Jewish one, and an international status for the city of Jerusalem.

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