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The Arab - Western cultural relations

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  1. Introduction
  2. Powerful countries competition introduction in the Arab market
  3. Europe / USA vs China: the same goal in Arab market?
  4. The black gold rush: top investment centers
  5. Tertiary sector competition
  6. Arab markets face hypercompetitive global power
  7. Investment policies limits
  8. Cultural and religious interferences
  9. Financial crisis impact on competition in Arab market
  10. Conclusion

Since the transatlantic declaration in 1990, American and European enjoy a strong relationship with an active cooperation in several sectors as Justice, Energy, Environment, Science or Education. They represent the largest bilateral trade and investment relationship in the world with roughly 40% of the world trade and over 60% of the world GDP1. Opposite to them, China, a 1.3 billion people country with labor resources, more educated people launched into the international competition. Those three huge countries understood that a new market emerged: the Arab market. With 25 countries and more than 325 million people, the Arab market proposes new ways to make business. When the world economic powers confront on the Arab market, the question arises about the value added of this approach. It is easy to understand that Arab market is a strategically place to invest. Thus, the ambition of this paper is to analyze the European / American competition with China in the Arab market. The first part will be devoted to understand the introduction of greater competition in the Arab market with a selection of sectors: banking and telecom sectors. The second part will be focused on that how the Arab market is running? How do the Arab culture, values, policy and religion influence the trade?

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