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There are several important characteristics and ideal behaviors of youth-sport coaches

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  1. Introduction
  2. Characteristics of youth sports coach
  3. Communication
  4. Look for positives and make the most out of them
  5. Keeping calm when mistakes are made
  6. Reasonable and realistic expectations
  7. Conclusion

There has been an emphasis of involving the youth in sports. With the over indulgence of the young people in technology, there is an increased stress on young people to involve themselves in sporting activities. Youth sport is a team effort that involves the young children, parents and coaches. The parents and coaches are parties that can either improve the performance of the youngsters. The rationale of this paper is to examine the sports psychology view of youth sport coach, as well as the characteristics and ideal behaviors of youth sports coach.

Youth sport refers to any organized sports for the children below 18 years of age. Over the years, researchers have focused this area to determine how parents and coaches influence the sporting activities of the youth. As a result of participation in sports for the youth obtain life skills such as behavioral, mental, emotional and social skills (Tenenbaum & Eklund, 2007).

Burnout has been studied by sports psychologist since it is a problem in youth sports. It is highlighted by three scopes; emotional exhaust, depersonalization and the condensed sense of accomplishment. Sport coaches have been associated to causing burnout to their players. To the youth sports, it causes withdrawal from a particular sport (Smith & Smoll, 2012)..

[...] He/she should always provide a light environment by having a sense of humor which is a major motivator for young people in sport. There should be excitement in the field and engage the children in fun activities. After all, fun and laughter are second nature to the youth (Jowett & Lavallee, 2007). In summation coaches are human beings, not robots. Despite the best intent, they always have bad days. Confidently, with the set behaviors and characteristics, the coach stays on focus towards achieving the goals. In addition, a coach requires support from all the parties of the team including the parents. [...]

[...] In addition, knowledge on how to deal with young sportsmen and women will make an excellent coach. There are several schools that offer courses to earn a coaching license. A well trained coach leads a team to success(Smith & Smoll, 2012) . In addition, a good coach must have vast knowledge in health and safety measures. A good coach is one who puts safety and health of the team above all. Well organized A good coach is one who has a strategy of how to carry out various activities for the team. [...]

[...] Smith, R. E., & Smoll, F. L. (2012). Sport psychology for youth coaches: Developing champions in sports and life : Rowman & Littlefield Publishers. Tenenbaum, G., & Eklund, R. C. (2007). Handbook of sport psychology : John Wiley & Sons. [...]

[...] Look for positives and make the most out of them Positivity is the source of self esteem to the children. How a child's self view is determined by what they hear from the adults and in this case the sport coaches. For a coach to ensure the young sportsmen have a positive self esteem in sports, the coach has to concentrate on looking at the positives and praising them no matter how miniature it might be (Sedor, 2008) . The ratio representation of positivity to negativity should be a healthy one if possible four to one. [...]

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