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Assignment intercultural management

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  1. Introduction
  2. Comparative Analysis of French and American educational systems
  3. California International Business University versus ISEG Bordeaux : personal observation
  4. The impact of the different educational system on the management
  5. Conclusion

Today our world is changing, it is becoming more and more global. In this context of globalization, cultural differences are becoming more and more important. Cultural diversity is now an asset for the company. In fact, it allows companies to a better adaptation, but also to innovate and better respond to the complexity of the environment. However, diversity can lead to certain risks such as misunderstanding, failure, conflict ... But, companies must take into account these risks if they want to survive in this competitive world. To do so, companies have to understand these risks and implement an effective intercultural management. To do this we must ask, at the same time, about its own culture and the culture of the others. My year in the United States, especially in the CIBU Business University California at San Diego, has allowed me to ask me questions about cultural differences between France and the United States. I chose to study the most noticeable cultural difference for me: the education system. Indeed, I have discovered throughout my stay the American educational system. It seemed interesting to compare it with our own system, the french system. This institution, the education system is considered a primary institution. However, as we can observe throughout this study, it has many impacts on secondary institution, which is the company. We can then ask ourselves the question: how an educational system can have impacts in terms of management? And what are those impacts? We will be performing in a first step, a comparative analysis of French and American educational systems. This comparison will be presented from a theoretical point of view but also from a practical point of view through my own observations. Then in the second part, we will highlight the different impacts of this institutional difference on the contemporary management.

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