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Author Link, The President Woodrow Wilson’s Author

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  1. Introduction
  2. Author Link
  3. The President Woodrow Wilson's Author
  4. Analysis
  5. Conclusion

Author link is an American author, born to a German Lutheran family in a new market in Virginia. He was a leading specialist of President Woodrow Wilson, and he wrote five biographies about the man. In the book Woodrow Wilson: Revolution, War, and Peace, the author presents Wilson as a diplomat and a serious, hardworking man (link, 1) who had a good perspective of world politics and economics (link, 15), and the value of involvement of America in international affairs to the local population and the American economy. The book paints his foreign relations policies as having an aim to benefits humanity in general as well as the American economy (link, 15).
The main aim of the author is to present a more mature view and outlook of President Wilson as a democrat (link, ivy). Link rewrote the book, softening criticism on Woodrow Wilson and trying to enhance his strength by considering his reasons for involvement in crises such as the First World War, the Mexican revolution and his battle to make the US member of the League of Nations. Instead, link credited the President with being a war leader and seeking methods of resolving conflicts in a non-violent manner.

The author explains the demeanor of President Woodrow Wilson to great effect. After reading the book, the reader (I mean myself) gets a better perspective of the man Wilson, his policies and the reasons behind them. The book provides coverage of the events leading to the First World War. The background information leads to a better understanding to the reasons behind Wilsons's push for America to join the League of Nations. Wilson was a diplomat. He viewed the league as a diplomatic forum to fight future wars, instead of battles similar to world war one. The congress did not share the same diplomatic view. Congressional representatives viewed the League of Nations as a body that had the ability to declare wars on behalf of Americans, as opposed to Wilson's view of the body to prevent future world wars.

[...] The author needs to present more evidence to support the case of Wilson being a diplomat. Diplomats only go to war when all other means of war prevention fail. The author presents evidence that President Wilson was committed to preventing future world wars, however, in my opinion; the book needs to present evidence that America tried diplomacy before declaring war on the Germans. If I was a judge and the author was a lawyer, I would find his evidence very compelling. [...]

[...] In the issue of American involvement in the League of Nations, President Wilson sought public support for his proposition. He travelled across the country preaching to the American public that joining the league was a preventive measure and that it was the duty of America as a country and the people as human beings to support fellow humans. President Wilson became very sick in the process of seeking public sympathy. He collapsed in public and had to call off the before completion and failed to get the popularity he had hoped for. [...]

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