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Being brown

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-She tries to educate her parents, whose main error was to move to America, to turn their back on their roots (they betrayed their country) and to try to become American (they betrayed themselves)
-For what? Money, financial comfort-they became typical Americans, they send their children to the best US school, and in doing that they created a unbridgeable gap between Priya and her country (the girl doesn't even speak any of the Indian languages!)
-She's very sententious and has ready-made ideas. She imposes her point of view. She's even a bit childish (maybe spoilt) and touchy
-She's lecturing her parents, especially her father, on ethnic identity
-She wishes she was living in India
-She wishes her parents had not adopted the American way of life, she wishes her mother was less superficial, she wishes her parents would see her point

-When coming to America, the ?Browns? have to forget about their origins to conform to the only US model there is: the melting pot theory
-Some people may indeed claim their problems (i.e. joblessness) are due to their origins (racial profiling) but the point is she's not even concerned: her family is well-off, she has everything she needs, and still finds fault with the US way of life.
-She probably wants to appear as some kind of spokeswoman for the voiceless Brown minorities, but she surely doesn't understand at all the reality of the lives of those who have real discrimination problems, given that she doesn't have any
-?Brown is beautiful?

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