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Black life in US between 1865 and 1910

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  1. Introduction
  2. Reconstruction
  3. The constitutional amendments
  4. Conclusion

Reconstruction is a name which was given to the period between the end of the civil war in United States when federal troops were pulled out of the south. It was during the reconstruction period when the union army occupied the south. It was also during this time when the blacks voted and the whites who had been in rebellion never voted. The blacks voted for officials who later brought them freedom. There were reforms which led to the improvements of lives for blacks such as land reforms which entitled the blacks the right to own land just like the Americans.

The reconstruction period also experienced much turmoil and resistance from the white rebels as the whites attempted to recreate racial domination. This period was against slavery as the union proposed the amendment of the constitution that slavery could continue. The reconstruction process took place at the entire region of the south whereby it restored the confederate states to their former positions. This period saw the south becoming free from slavery. After the civil war, the southerners faced a difficult period of reconstructing its government as well as the declining economy and accommodating over three million freed black Americans. The tragedy behind reconstruction process was that the black Americans and whites who tried to form a more egalitarian society in south lacked the necessary means to achieve it. It becomes evident that the freed African slaves who had been restricted all their lives did not have anywhere to go, though they had been delighted to be free.

This was their greatest day of jubilation as they called it, though this new state of freedom caused confusion to them. Some of the freed slaves stayed on the plantations they worked in while others still wandered off in the search of their lost families. Most of the slave owners were even glad to get rid of them (burdensome slaves), and they threw them away just like the Yankee capitalists. Some of the former slaves in towns like Charleston celebrated this freedom in a strange manner whereby they put on fancy clothes and paraded themselves throughout the city's streets. Many Americans were infuriated by slaves and vowed to descend on them .

[...] For instance, two black men served in the senate whereby one served in the house while the other served in office of governor. There were many blacks in most southern government. The asked goals advocated by the blacks in America were land, ballot and education for the freed men. The black Africans did get the ballot and most of the education facilities were offered to them all but the congress could not support the land confiscation. Despite the many problems during the reconstruction era, they still hoped for further progress. [...]

[...] It becomes evident that in the south a black culture already existed and this new culture could be adapted to new conditions of freedom. Blacks immediately joined politics after learning from their masters the importance of freedom and democracy. The constitutional amendments The 1865 constitutional amendments is another factor that changed the African Americans after the civil war. This constitution abolished slavery and required all the blacks to be freed. The constitution required that the African Americans to be freed and this changed their attitudes completely. [...]

[...] Many families were also destroyed and fortunes made and lost. The immediate aftermath of the war was swept across the South, manifesting itself in bitterness and hatred of all things associated with the union. The rage of frustration felt by many southerners needed a target or outlet and the target was freedom and women. The reconciliation of the two sections of the country came at the expense of southern blacks as well as the poor whites. The new south of redeemers created the racial conditions of the old south. [...]

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