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British civilization

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  1. Introduction
  2. The settler's heritage given by the Europeans
  3. The beginning of Apartheid
  4. The fight against the racial discrimination
  5. Conclusion

South Africa was a country colonized by a lot of European people such as The Dutch people (the Boer and Afrikaners) and the British.This period of colonialism was the target of several battles, and one of the most famous is the Anglo-Boer War (1988-1902), which was a bloody war and a lot of people were killed in both camps and among the Afrikaners too. British soldiers created concentration camps to imprison Boer soldiers. A few years after this war, the white-skinned people of South Africa erected a system of racial discrimination against the dark-skinned peoples of their own land. The society was based on segregation and black people had not se same rights as white people. These discrimination's in fact illustrate the beginning of Apartheid.

Apartheid was a system of racial discrimination based on the domination of the Whites upon the Blacks. It started in 1948 in Africa. It considered that people who had to govern were those from European descent. It also created some "groups" made according to each gender and each color of people.

The vice was pushed into creating some townships, were Black people lived in poverty, out of the "white cities" (we've got an illustration of this situation in the movie "Tsotsi"). Apartheid was abolished in 1994. Mandela denounces the policy of Apartheid, which created a deep wound in South Africa, a wound which is difficult to "cure". Nevertheless, he pointed out the positive aspects of Apartheid, such as the rising of people who struggled for the equality and integrity.

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