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The British Commonwealth

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  1. Introduction
  2. The origins
  3. The creation of the Commonwealth
  4. Birth of the modern commonwealth
  5. Conclusion

The British Commonwealth is one of the world's oldest political organization of independent countries. Its roots are linked to the former British Colonial Empire when parts of the world were ruled directly or indirectly by the British Crown, thus its name: "the British". At the time, the member states were united through common allegiance to the British sovereign . This beautiful organization has evolved since 1949 into the powerful Commonwealth of Nations. This international organization is nowadays a very successful association which represents 53 independent states and more than 2,2 billion citizens and subjects. Its aim is that each member state cares for each other and works together towards common goals ( democracy, freedom, peace and many more).

In the early 1900's, britain was at the head of a vast Empire which ruled over one fifth of the world population of the time (458 million people) and covered more than 26,000,000 km2 of territory on all the continents of the globe. The period which spans from 1815 to 1914 is often refered to as Britain's "imperial Century" . After the British troops had won over Napoleon Bonaparte and with the lack of serious international rivals, the British Navy appeared quite favored at sea. Britain was able to impose the famous "Pax Britannica" ( British peace ) and became the policeman of the world. It meant a time of relative peace in the world as Great Britain controlled most of the major shipping routes over the globes. Merchants from the British Empire were as a result highly favored, could thus trade more and make more profits than the merchants from other countries.

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