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Bus Terminal-Case Study of transport system in Doha

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  1. Introduction
  2. Bus Terminal
  3. Case Study of transport system in Doha
  4. Conclusion

Time and again, the transport sector plays an iconic role of a mediator network to ensure individuals undertake their daily duties. In the era of major technological advancements spread around the globe, the transport industry has revolutionized to ease travel for many riders, so does the bus terminals. Karwa bus station in Doha provides a unique experience as the central hub helping thousands of commuters reach their destination. Like other major terminals in the rest of the world, striking the balance between affordable charges and quality service delivery is the top priority. In view of that, the Karwa Bus station has incorporated the use of Karwa Smartcards which requires of commuters to purchase them in selected outlets and ease the payment system. The bus network services at the station are modernized running under the government Mowasalat organization to ease the traditional congestion in various routes connecting Doha and the rest of the country. Bus travels form the common mode of road transport preferred in many parts of the world. While different bus terminals offer varying services, the unique feature in each comes with a cost bore by the riders.

[...] The rechargeable smart card provides a cheaper way of meeting the daily travelling fee following the standardized system which protects the riders from unnecessary fare hikes by unscrupulous operators Nonetheless, a fee of QR 10 is charged to non-holders of the smart cards, representing a high fee to the usual QR 3 or 4 in destinations within the Doha city (AngloInfo, 2013). Karwa bus station operations have come of age to ease the congestion of commuters and lack of public parking spaces. In particular, the introduction of the government management in the bus station generated some level of efficiency in the public sector. [...]

[...] For instance, the fire safety system should withstand any destructive event of any magnitude and prevent the panic that creeps in public areas escalating the resulting destruction. Here, effective fire management package is essential to avoid force alarms, while protecting buildings, passengers and vehicles within the station from fire destruction. This would subsequently need support re-inspection arrangements to ensure the fire emergency system has the ability to handle crowds during fire incidents and eliminate a potential threat to safety. A viable fire management model would entail the application of the fire safety index and adopt the international standards for international interchanges. [...]

[...] (2013). Local Bus Services. Retrieved June from Nelscruz. (2007, August 31). Karwa Bus Route. [...]

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