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Capital Chemist Diagnostic and Sales System - Information Systems and the performance of firms

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  1. Introduction
  2. Background of the study
  3. Scope and limitation of the project
  4. Justification of the project
  5. Conclusion

Most studies have tried to explain the relationships between firm performance, competitive advantage and investments made in information systems. Literature on information systems offers useful insights on the relationship competitive strategy and information systems; however, it is still not clear how information systems contribute to firm performance and competitive advantage (Gottschalk 2007). This dissertation will examine how, from a comparative and interpretive perspective, how IS contributes to the specific responses and competitive actions of the firm. Additionally, it looks at how the resulting impacts, affects the performance of the firm. This study suggests that the explanation as to how information systems contribute to the performance and competitive advantage of the firm may lie within the specific responses, and competitive actions that the firm participates in or the role information systems play in the competitive dynamics of the firm (Eisenhardt 2004).

Kenya and most African countries have one thing in common; they all have a large health provision gap, which is growing each year. This provision gap is prevalent mostly in the urban areas. This arises due to rural-urban migration since young men, and women move to urban areas in search of employment.

[...] All these phases are cascaded so that second phase is started as and when a defined set of goals is achieved for first phase. The system design documents will be used, the work will be divided in modules, and coding will start. The following tools will be used for coding: PHP Server Scripting Language MySQL Database Management System Apache Web Server Net beans 7.1 Editor Adobe Creative Suite During system development functional units will first be developed. These units will then be integrated to come up with the new system. [...]

[...] Sommerville, I Software Engineering 7th editio., New York: Pearson Prentice Hall. Umar, A Application (Re)Engineering - Building Web-based Applications and Dealing with Legacies, Newark, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall. [...]

[...] This, therefore, raises a diagnosis headache for the superintending chemist. In order for chemists to offer efficient services to its customers and ensure easy decision making by the administration, a web based chemist management system is required. The system should allow data entry with ease, accurate processing, and storage of complete information in an online database and output clear and detailed reports. OBJECTIVES Investigate the operations of the current Chemist Management System and identify possible improvement points, shortcomings, and challenges. [...]

[...] Capital Chemist Diagnostic and Sales System - Information Systems and the performance of firms Abstract This document has been prepared to assist in the planning of the Capital Chemist Diagnostic and Sales System. It is to be used to outline the process, which will be used in the design of the above system. Each section includes detailed information on the scope, project organization, schedule, project breakdown, and the deliverable plan. This document is designed for those with little to no software design technicality. [...]

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