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The Case of the Plant Relocation

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  1. Introduction
  2. Who are the different actors (parties)?
  3. What are the issues of this problem in each country of possible implantation?
  4. What are the applicable laws in those cases?
  5. My opinion
  6. Conclusion

Mexico: The country of Mexico that could be the welcome country for Electrocorp. A lot of cities are cross border and enjoy the American employment market, to work in the illegality. The minimum wage is around $3 a day but this minimum wage is not sufficient for a worker to live, so the employee turnover is important. Mexican law regulation on the environmental effect and health is really reduced compared to the United states of America. At the same time the law against the use of special chemical product does not exist in Mexico, so wastes can be deposit easier.

The problem is that population is beginning to protest against companies that do not respect the environment and the well being of the population, and came across the border to facilitate the dropping of dangerous wastes.

Philippines: Philippines are one of the countries targeted by Mr. Smith the responsible of the anticipation of the operations in foreign countries. Philippines' minimum wages is $1 per day even if you do not wanted to include workers under 16. In the same way of Mexico, Philippines minimum wage is not sufficient to live has only work. Safety and healthy regulations are the same than in Mexico, not really constrainable, same for environmental issues. But the population does not complaints against unfavorable healthy and safety regulations.

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