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Case study-Human resource management-White Goods Company

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  1. Introduction
  2. Sources that Atif and his colleagues are using
  3. Why the development came as a surprise?
  4. Long-term strategy recommended
  5. Conclusion

Human resource management (HRM) is a term that lingers in the minds of all stakeholders who are in different organizations. A simplified and clear definition of HRM is systematic and organized management of people in an organization. The concept covers all aspects of employees from hiring to retention and management of their performance (Chanda, Sivarama & Shen, 2007). This essay is examines a case study on HRM and attempts to address HRM issues that arise from the case study. The essay will apply some of the emerging issues in the practice of human resource management to build on its arguments. It will apply the concept of people and human resource strategies, which is the tool that executives use to gather information that guides them in running their organizations. Potential impact of the development on Atif and his colleagues both as HR specialists and as employees Change is the main factor that creates the necessity of human resource management in many organizations. Application of HRM helps organizations to counter the effects of change and raise their level of efficiency and performance. The change in the case study will affect Atif and his fellow administrators as well as the employees.

[...] Promotion through marketing, advertisement, and addressing the needs of the public iv. Ensuring the cinema meets safety standards and the promotion of the film industry. Conditions of work The manager should be flexible enough because, at times, there is a need for night shifts and extension of working hours. However, the normal working hours for the manager is from 9 in the morning up till midnight. The manager also needs to travel in an attempt to meet different stakeholders as well as attending meetings on the cinema industry. [...]

[...] This is misuse of power bestowed on managers, and it is against the organization's code of ethics. A month ago, the employees organized a strike to condemn the actions of the line managers. As a result, the company encountered losses and spoiled its reputation from the current and future customers. Line managers are important personnel, and they play a vital role in coordinating other employees but not taking advantage of their positions to oppress the laborers. This outcry is a reason for the dismal notice as a disciplinary measure to avoid poor service delivery. [...]

[...] Therefore, the long-term strategy that the management should take is to be the supportive element in the organization. Week 2 5 Job description of a cinema manager Responsibility The main responsibility of a cinema manager is to manage all the activities of a cinema. The manager is responsible for the smooth and efficient flow of activities within the organization. However, the responsibilities of a cinema manager depend on the size, type and location of the cinema. Work activities The following are the activities that a manager is responsible for: i. [...]

[...] They will have information regarding the status of the council and new developments. The society will have information about the organization as well as forces in it that can influence the activities and operations of the organization. 4 Why the development came as a surprise Atif and the other members of the White Goods Company did not expect the council to take that action that would give their rival firm a competitive advantage. They are surprised because they do not even know how the new development would affect how their company operates as well as its position in the market. [...]

[...] The board can no longer trust the line managers to implement its policies based on such dissatisfying practices. Reports show that essential time is wasted by the managers as they incite the employees resulting in low output. This creates a fair and transparent reason for the dismissal of all line managers. It is evident that according to the Employment Termination Act, the reasons cited above are fair grounds for the dismissal of line managers. Thank you for working with the company. Bibliography Chanda, A., Sivarama, K. [...]

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