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Catholic Identity and Culture of the Australian Catholic Schools

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  1. Introduction
  2. Catholic Identity
  3. Culture of the Australian Catholic Schools
  4. Challenges facing Catholic schools - identity and culture
  5. Response

The Catholic identity is centred on the presentation of the person of Jesus Christ with his call to repent and believe. It also espouses crucifixion Christianity which leads to the call to believe that everyone stands under the last fourthings of death and judgement, heaven and hell. As a catholic, one has a call to faith and reason as well as love and hope which is now profoundly counter cultural (Diocese of Rockhampton, 2001).This is the catholic identity.

The Catholic identity promotes stewardship with stipulates that material resources must be efficiently used to allow the most needy to have access. Human beings must be stewards of each other and safeguard the available resources so that future generations can enjoy it. Pastoral care is founded deep into their identity founded on a mutual relationship of profound respect. The Catholic identity utilises a variety of symbols, rituals and actions that are all used to express the various sacraments.

[...] 9-21 Holohan, G. (2006). Nurturing Catholicity in our Catholic schools. Paper presented at the National Catholic Education Conference, Sydney, 27-29 September. rve/copyright/documents/Holohan11614.pdf Pell, G. (2006). Religion and culture: Catholic schools in Australia. The keynote address National Catholic Education Conference, Sydney, 27-29 September. [...]

[...] Even allowing that the government has got its own curriculum that it would wish schools to conform to, lay principles can also introduce further classes or set apart time that will allow them to provide additional teaching in the manner they would wish. Other subjects that may not have been included in the government curriculum can be squeezed in at some other hours. Learning materials on religion including diagrams, art work, posters and signs may be included in the school to allow children to identify with them. It is solitary in this method that the lay standard can satisfy the requirements of the government while promoting the culture and vision of the Catholic Church. References Davis, R. (2010). [...]

[...] Mass is one of the most imperative sacraments that the faith stick on to (The Archbishop's Charter for Catholic Schools). It is conducted in a certain manner with certain rituals that must be respected throughout the worship. Children from other secular families may not find this appealing and may often resist such activities. By providing the option that some students can omit attending mass and participating is some other activities that define the catholic faith; these schools go against the aspect of pastoralism. [...]

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