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Causes of World War II

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  1. Introduction
  2. Events preceding the war in Europe
  3. The new Europe after the Treaty of Versailles (1919)
  4. The 1929 crisis
  5. The Spanish Civil War (1936-1939)
  6. Hitler's ambitions, territorial expansion of Nazi Germany (1938-1939)
  7. Events preceding the war in Asia
  8. Bibliography

Conflicts faced by the world today including geopolitical upheavals in Russia or Ukraine, the war in Syria, wars in Africa's or means east, should remind us that a global conflict if not galactic may occur n ' any time simply by the madness of the people, to human stupidity and bloodshed to stigmatize such fears by supporting and voting for extremist parties. The causes of the Second World War discussed in this topic should not make us forget that the past can be still present and even repeat as the old demons of war are ever present in the minds especially in these times of crises and unemployment. Some benefit, other than raising the specter of Europe known for 100 years dark years.

The causes of the Second World War are a set of factors that historians analyzed as having influenced the course of events in favor of an armed conflict, causing the outbreak of the Second World War. These causes can be deep and ancient, or one-time epiphenomena, and their influence is debated within the community of historians. Various causes are usually given as the consequences of the First World War and in particular Europe from the Treaty of Versailles, the international relations between the main actors of future conflict or geostrategic and economic situations of the various belligerents.

A wide range of causes and events , some of which are distinguished by their influence considered decisive , led to the invasion of Poland by Germany and the Soviet Union, Japan attacks on China, the United States and the British colonies, French and Dutch , resulting in the outbreak of war many belligerents, and globalizing the conflict.

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