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Celebrity’s life

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  1. Introduction
  2. Celebrity's life
  3. Culture
  4. Conclusion

Culture defines a person or a society according to what is regarded as socially acceptable in regard to arts, manners and interactions, among others. Recently, America's celebrities dominate in influencing the culture that people are adopting. The cultural landscape is dominated by the actions of the celebrities, acting as monuments of aspiration and icons to emulate. Most people may feel embarrassed to admit that celebrity culture is alluring, and a big business, but that remains the truth in America presently. Television and movie stars, business tycoons, music icons, and sports figures capture the attention of people and most of the American population has become obsessed with the celebrity personalities to influence what they believe is culturally right. However, should it be so? Celebrity culture is captivating, fascinating and glittery, and this has caused an adverse shift in American culture. Celebrities play varied roles in contemporary culture, either negatively of positively. Celebrities play a big role in the cultural authority, serving as heroes, charity spokespeople and role models among others while at the same time perpetrating negative cultures of nudity and vulgar language among many fans. People follow their comments on anything and in a significant way serve as arbiters of morality, taste and in influencing people's opinions. These conceptions have changed the authority, credibility and legitimacy that celebrities play in the American culture.

[...] It has become a world of celebrity concept that everything is linked to what the celebrities do. The obsession has reached a point that is entirely unhealthy for the society up to the point of being worshiped by people. In my opinion, celebrity culture should be given a very insignificant role in influencing societies as it influences more negativities than positivity's. What people seem to forget is that celebrities are only human beings. Most of them promote negative culture, presenting characters of alcoholism, murderers and rape among other many negative attributes. [...]

[...] It is evitable that the influence of celebrity culture has more negativities than positivity's and the more it is let to influence the American people's culture, the more it is spoiling what is deemed to be socially acceptable. Unless the influence is curtailed early, it is the kids who will be the victims, so it is necessary to break the habit now. Surname 5 Bibliography Berry, J. W., Innervision Productions., & Celebrity Home Entertainment. (1989). A High price to pay. Woodland Hills, Calif: Celebrity Home Entertainment. Ponce L. C. L. [...]

[...] (1989). The Unforgettable pen pal. Woodland Hills, Calif: Celebrity Home Entertainment. Candy Claus. (1987). Woodland Hills, Calif: Celebrity Home Entertainment. Goldberg, G. L., & Roswell, B. (2013). Reading, Writing, and Gender. Hoboken: Taylor and Francis. [...]

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