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Change and Continuity in the Context of Chinese History

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  1. Introduction
  2. Chinese History
  3. How Group Presentations Enhanced my knowledge of China?
  4. Analysis
  5. Conclusion

Young and Restless in China is a documentary that chronicles the events of some young people in their twenties and thirties as they try to adapt to the dynamic economic and social situations in China (Klayman, 2012). This documentary brings to light the challenges encountered by the Chinese trying to cope with rapid changes in their country. This film is told within a span of four years. This film depicts the highs and laws experienced by people in the ever-changing dynamics in their quest to succeed. The characters I chose for this context are Zang Jingjing and Ben Wu.

Ben Wu as an entrepreneur depicts the fact that unlike before when people waited to be employed, people in the reform era are continuously becoming open minded. In other words, the young people they are becoming innovative in a competitive economy. Ben wu represents a generation that aims to link China to the outside world through the internet as he brings new technology that he acquired while studying outside country.

Ben's optimism is evident as he asserts that his internet coffee business is the first step toward becoming the next Starbucks. China has not been left behind as the globalization continues to spread there is an influx in the foreign culture, education and business in China as depicted by Ben Wu's business. Furthermore, China is embracing cultural diversity from other countries. For instance, we learn that Ben studied in America. This is unlike before when China's education used to be rigid.

[...] However, with the emergence of global competition there is the need to incorporate both education and experience. Despite the economic progress of their country, the workers continue to suffer since they work under deplorable conditions, with limited freedom and earn meager salaries (as depicted in the film China Blue). China must work towards improving the welfare of its people since they are the ones driving the economy towards greater prosperity. This will make them work even harder towards making China more successful. Bibliography Klayman, A. (Director). (2012). [...]

[...] This is unlike before when China's education used to be rigid. The other character in the Young and Restless in China Zang Jingjing is a lawyer who advocates the rights of homeless people (Klayman, 2012). However, although her intention is noble, she is faced by numerous challenges in her quest to make sure that individuals are not left in the stress. For instance, constructions undertaken for the 2008 Olympics left over one and a half million people homeless and she felt hopeless when she could not be able to assist them get justice. [...]

[...] Liberal thinkers are in trouble if the recent arrests of several of them are anything to go by. For instance, the arrest and harassment of Weiwei by the police so as not to testify on behalf of a fellow activist was quite disheartening (Williams, 2008). In a country where opinions of the people are not allowed, transparency and democracy will continue to be elusive. However, for Weiwei and other activists the battle rages on. How Group Presentations Enhanced my knowledge of China China was initially ruled by dynasties e.g. [...]

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