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Changes Needed in Wireless Security Measures

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  1. The Outline of the Study
  2. The types of attacks against wireless networks
  3. What can the Individual User do to Avoid Cyber-attacks?
  4. Invisible Networks
  5. How to change policies to prevent cyber attack?
  6. Recent developments in wireless security
  7. Conclusion

In the recent years home wireless threats have become extremely common. In this study we are going to review the risks and types of attacks users should be aware, when using home wireless networks. We are going to determine which type of network is more secure, and how can users protect themselves from privacy attacks. Many programs have already used examples on how easy it is to steal people's credit card information or find out what they are up to. Cyber criminals can simply park down their van outside the person's home and see their screen perfectly. It is very scary; still not enough advice is available from network providers.

In the below study we are going to review wireless networks in general, as well as different security measures, companies should use. By the end of the study we are going to look into policies and procedures, and determine the weak points, causing the most risks. We will finally analyse the security risks, and their consequences.

[...] Customers should be able to contact the support desk for advice. How to change policies to prevent cyber attack Obviously, it is not only the end user's responsibility to stay safe online. Wireless network providers should also ensure they are protecting their customers' data and privacy. The following steps should be made by companies, to ensure they are providing the best advice and support to their users Certifying interoperability of products and technology, to ensure users' security 2. Providing clear instructions with regards to privacy settings and setting up a separate department giving advice to customers regarding to security concerns 3. [...]

[...] (US-CERT, Using Wireless Technology Securely, Produced 2006, Cyber Security Tip) Changing the Password The majority of users keep on using the default manufacturer password. The password should be changed immediately after the purchase, and recommended to be altered every 3 months. Avoiding File Sharing File sharing puts wireless network users into the biggest risk. File sharing should be disabled as default. If the user needs to connect different computers in the house, they should protect the function by a very strong password, containing non-alphanumeric characters. [...]

[...] Invisible Networks When you are getting connected to your wireless network, you are going to be visible to other users with wireless connection enabled features. That means: you will be seen by many people around you. Your neighbors can see your ?identifier broadcasting?. (US-CERT, Using Wireless Technology Securely, Produced 2006 pp 4). There should be clear instructions in the wireless network's manual regarding to disabling this feature. Renaming Networks Most wireless access point networks come with a default name. That way they can be easily identified. [...]

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