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Changing the attitude of stereotyping

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  1. Introduction
  2. Stereotyping
  3. Stereotypical jokes
  4. Changing the attitude of stereotyping
  5. Conclusion

Cofer asserts that to end stereotyping ??the transformation has to occur at a more individual level (Cohen, Samuel S.56)? In The Myth of the Latin Woman Judith Ortiz Cofer highlights the need for individuals to shun stereotyping since it raises misplaced conceptions that breed animosity. Stereotyping raises much speculation and assumptions that have no basis. The ideal society is the one where people hold each other based on personality rather than generalizations and assumptions (Todd 44). Relationships and bonds ought to lay their foundation on personal identities rather than on stereotyped assertions. Hence, people should change their misconceptions and prejudices into true positive curiosity devoid of assumptions.

Sometimes stereotyping happens unconsciously. Advocators of stereotyping give this common excuse. Human beings make assumptions about everything. Nevertheless, this is no justification since rationality implores people to think differently. Therefore, before adopting existing notions individuals should try to understand what motivates an individual group of people to behave in a particular way (Todd 44).

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