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Child Counseling: Case study

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  1. Introduction
  2. Analysis of Manuel Situation
  3. Assent to treatment
  4. Witnessing psychotic behavior
  5. Conclusion

It is mandatory for a human being to go through various stages in life, whatever hardships the face at each stage. Each stage should be approached in a special manner because they are more challenging. This comes due to various challenges that people experience during the passage of each stage. One of the most common stages where people meet many challenges that may affect their life is the adolescent stage. Adolescent stage is the stage between 12 years to 18 years of age, especially in male children. In the presence of such challenges, it is advisable for these young children to seek for counselors, who are experts in helping people to overcome some of the challenges they face. Therefore, counselors, in the process of performing their duties, must adhere to some of the norms, always known as the Legal Do's and Don'ts depending on the issues presented before them.

Manuel is a 15 year-old boy who is undergoing through adolescent stage. He realizes that the problems that he goes through do not give him the chance to continue with his life, and sees his life as worthless. Consequently, a counselor who is to deal with this situation needs to understand the situation and status of Manuel in order to come up with concrete solutions to Manuel's problem. Hence, a counselor is advised to follow various legal norms, always refers to as Legal Do's and Don'ts, when dealing with different problems as explained by Carlos et al (2012). These rules and regulations are constituted by respective government bodies, which disallow discrimination of clients during the counseling process.

[...] Since Manuel is a young teenager, the law regulates that it is the adult who should give informed consent and that Manuel should merely assent. This implies that the doctor may treat a child who is below the age of 16 would be treated solely on the consent of the parent, even if it is against the child's wishes. This scenario would have been different if Manuel was an older teenager, where he would have consented while the parent would have merely supported the decision. [...]

[...] National Institute of Mental Health What is schizophrenia? Retrieved at [ index.shtml] Accessed 13 April 2013. McWhirter, J.J., McWhirter, B.T., McWhirter, E.H., & McWhirter, R.J. (2013). At-risk youth: A comprehensive response for counselors, teachers, psychologists and human services professionals (5th Ed.). Belmont, TN: Books/Cole Publishers. Clark, Andrew F Proposed treatment for adolescent psychosis. [...]

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