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Chinese American museum

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  1. Introduction
  2. Chinese American museum
  3. Analysis
  4. Conclusion

The Chinese America Museum is found in Los Angeles California. The museum is a part of a historic movement known as the El Pueblo de Los Angeles. The museum is a dedication to the history and experience that the Chinese Americans have in the state of California. Exhibited in the museum is fine art by artists who are Chinese Americans and historical exhibits as well. Being naturally curious, I find other people's cultures and historical backgrounds interesting. It is for this reason that a visit to the museum was easy for me to enjoy and also learn from. I also support the preservation of such information in their element and thus know that without me going to see the artifact the history might not be helpful in any way. The Museum is located on the 425 North Los Angeles Street and has been there for a very long time; in fact it is one of the oldest surviving buildings in Southern California. The first time I went there was during a lantern festival that was held in the museum every beginning of the Chinese New Year. The event had featured live entertainment that included lion dancers, acrobats and dance performances. I was not only amazed but also absorbed into the culture and history of the Chinese during the entire event. The Chinese happened to be a good people with warm and welcoming hearts. Learning some elements of the culture was very interesting and thanks to this museum I got to share in the experience.

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