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College education is undoubtedly valid

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  1. Introduction
  2. The Cost debate
  3. More and better jobs for college graduates
  4. Conclusion

For many students in the United States and the world as a whole, view a bachelor's degree as a golden ticket to a more intellectually and financially fulfilling life. The most disturbing reality is the likely outcomes that include the unemployment, debt and politically charged pseudo learning that are experienced by these students than full-time employment and time-honored knowledge. Many debates and researches have been carried out to try to conclude if the college is worth it. Different researchers differ as we have people who are successful without having passed through college while some are prospering just because they took the time to attend a degree course. This paper will vividly show why college life is worth and why it a good bet for anyone who is thirsting to be successful. It makes sense to hack a college education, but it depends on who the student and what field they are pursuing.

According to Dan, the economic policy Institutes have released labor department statistics analysis showing that an American with a college degree made 98% more income in an hour in comparison to an American without a degree in 2013 (Kadlec, 2014). These statistics show a rise from 64% that was evident in the early 1980s. Research by the Pew research centre concludes that college graduates who are aged between 25 and 32 who have a full-time job earn approximately $17500 more than those who only hold a high school diploma.

[...] This means that more education and training is required in established jobs. Most employers view the people with post-secondary education as the most suitable to adapt to the new economic realities since they have made steps to pay for it. In 1999, a bachelor's graduate earned approximately 75% more than those who only had high school diplomas. Today this value has risen to 84%. The lifetime earning gap of those with college degrees and those without is close to a million dollars; more education, more earnings (Pew Research Center, 2012). [...]

[...] The Economist Newspaper Apr Web Sept "College Graduation: Weighing the Cost . and the Payoff." Pew Research Center RSS. N.p May 2012. [...]

[...] All that is required is to be focused on your goals and not just go to college because it is a kind of a ritual. It makes valid sense to pursue college education, but it depends on who the student and what field they are pursuing. College education is undoubtedly worth. References "Is College Worth It?." Forbes. Forbes Magazine Apr Web Sept Kadlec, Dan. "Here We Go Again: Is College Worth it?." Time. Time June 2014. Web Sept "Is college worth it?." The Economist. [...]

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