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Common Academic Goals in American Universities

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  1. Introduction
  2. The primary goals of education for American universities
  3. University education
  4. Goals of education
  5. Conclusion

A goal is a desired result that an individual makes a conscious effort to achieve (Weatherford et al., 1960). Universities are institutions of higher learning that instill technical as well as cultural and social skills to students. In the universities, the students are required to set aims and achieve them within the period that they will be in the institutions. However, the institution its self has its goals. These goals relate to behavior and skill acquisition of student by the time they graduate. University goals aim at producing an efficient labor force as well as producing model citizens (Weatherford et al., 1960). University goal also aims at attracting top students to the universities. In this paper, I will examine university goals, their aims, contributions and significance of goals to the institutions based on the Seattle University.

The primary goals of education for American universities include dissemination of knowledge to students. The main aim of students joining universities is to further their academic knowledge. By setting dissemination of knowledge as a goal of university education, there is an improvement in methods used to disseminate knowledge. This includes building of state of the art libraries among improvement of other infrastructure that enable universities to disseminate knowledge (Irwin et al., 2006). This goal is, therefore, instrumental in the sense that it leads to the creation of better learning infrastructure in the universities. It also attracts international students looking to broaden their academic horizons into the American universities.

[...] However, self-fulfillment is the main objective of education as it allows for self-fulfillment and contributes heavily towards progression in the sense that it prevents stagnation. Bibliography Irwin, P., Kelly, R., & Miller, J. (2006). graduate bulletin information. Seatle: Seatle university press. Weatherford, W. D., & Taylor, H. (1960). The goals of higher education. Cambridge: Harvard University Press. [...]

[...] For instance, self-fulfillment is a goal of the American universities because Americans believe in individual fulfillment. In other societies where the society does not hold individual fulfillment it such a high regard, the goals such as ?community development? becomes the main aim of higher education, such is the case in communist countries where production is occurs at community level. Goals of education also originate from the dominant ideologies of the time (Weatherford et al., 1960). Some of the great thinkers such as jean Jacques Rousseau have had a big impact on the goal of education. [...]

[...] Research generates new knowledge used to improve production and increase the knowledge disseminated to students in the universities. However, the job market and the prevailing government dictate the aims of university education. For example, if the job market demands training of highly specialized working class, then the universities will bend their goals to accommodate this. The government of the day is the main source of funding to the universities, which implies that the goals of the universities and other institutions of learning must be compliant to its policies (Weatherford et al., 1960). [...]

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