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Comparison and Contrast Essay - Araby and The Lesson

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  1. Introduction
  2. Similarities
  3. Differences
  4. Conclusion

?Araby? presents a character, the narrator, who secretly finds himself emotionally in love with a girl from his locality, but never talks his heart out. He has a caring family, his aunt and an uncle. ?The Lesson? on the other hand narrates of Ms. Moore, a lady who gives back to the community through offering education to the children. However, the children do not love her. The children, including the narrator gives her all kinds of negative traits and characters. Both of these characters show the character of possession from the way they narrate their stories. The narrator in ?Araby? is possessed by a spirit of love for a girl but does not open up to the girl about his emotions. Images of the girl accompany him(psychologically) at all times, filled with romance. He stands on the doors staring at the girl's house how for hours. He sees a girl in his mind, but in real the girl is not there. The girl addresses him for the first time and is so confused that he loses words to answer her. He even forgets of the answers given before as to whether is going to Araby or not.

[...] Love revolves around his emotions that he goes out to the Bazaar, but he is not even sure why he has gone there. He lingers along the stores without buying or asking for anything. His stay here is useless. He dashes out after lingering for some time, viewing himself as an individual driven by Vanity. His possession causes all of these confusions. Hatred for Moore fills Sugar's friend, the It is deep rooted that she explains it throughout the story. [...]

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