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Compassion soars

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  1. Introduction
  2. About Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  3. Symbolism A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings
  4. The context
  5. "Enormous"
  6. Conclusion

Born into a poor, rural town in Columbia, Gabriel Garcia Marquez learns to, according to biographers, ?views the world as a magical place and, though he sees the poverty in his Colombian town, also imagines a world full of wonders and tells his tales to others.?(Phelan, Carolyn. "My Name Is Gabito: The Life of Gabriel Garcia Marquez."Booklist 1 Feb. 2008: 45. Academic OneFile. Web. 1 Mar. 2013?. Set in a poor fishing village, similar Marquez's hometown, A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings is a fine example of the magic and wonder present in the work of Marquez. Perhaps the greatest wonder present in A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings is the compassion shown to and by the mysterious ?angel? While the cruelty of mankind is an omnipresent theme of the story A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings, upon a closer reading the virtues and rewards of compassion are revealed.

To understand the theme of compassion at the heart of A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings, it is first necessary to recognize the omnipresent symbolism throughout the story's narrative. Marquez begins the story begins with darkness and death, starting out with the bleak opening lines, ?On the third day of rain they had killed so many crabs inside the house that Pelayo had to cross his drenched courtyard and throw them into the sea, because the newborn child had a temperature all night and they thought it was due to the stench. The world had been sad since Tuesday.?(Marquez, Gabriel G. "A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings." The Norton Introduction to Literature. Comp. Alison Booth and Kelly J. Mays. 10th ed. New York: W.W. Norton, 2005. 371. Print).

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