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Consensual relationship agreement

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  1. Introduction
  2. Consensual Relationship Agreement Arguments
  3. Other Approaches of Addressing work Place Romance
  4. Counter Argument of Consensual Relationship Agreement
  5. Ethical Principles of Consensual Relationship Agreement
  6. Conclusion

Workplace romances have been common in most business organizations. A survey conducted more than 15 years ago by FindLaw indicated that 80 percent of workers have either observed or got involved in a romantic relationship while working. Romantic relationships have been in increase even though various business organizations keep on regulating or discouraging the behavior. The connection between fresh job positions including relocation and romances within the workplace are elaborated how obtaining a fresh job position affects people life style.

Every business organization has its own business culture, as well as, habits that affect the normal routine of the employees. This is more likely if such employees happen to be single and in a relocation condition. In such cases, fresh life styles are connected to fresh relationships, such as friendships and romances within the work place. Since shuffle workers do not have a reputable friendship circle and use most part of their instance working, normally coworkers emerge as part of their individual lives sooner than other people. This essay argues for the use of consensual Relationship Agreements (CRAs) in the workplace. It explores the ethical principles included in the use of CRAs. The paper further highlights other options that can solve workplace romance issues apart from (Cropper, 1997).

[...] Consensual Relationship Agreements (CRAs) have emerged as one way of dealing with such challenges. The approach ensures the involved parties acknowledge that their relationship is voluntary and will not affect the running of the company as well as the lives of their colleagues. It also ensures that the end of their relationship will not cause trouble to either party or lead to sexual harassment. The process can however, happen to be a problem to the employer especially when one partner claims that their relationship was not consensual. [...]

[...] Other companies prefer Consensual Relationship Agreements. All working environment presents a great chance for employees with similar interest to establish a relationship that appears friendlier. It is believed that office romance can result to poor judgment accusations, favoritism, ethics breaches, reduced productivity, as well as, poor self-esteem by the employees (Sutherland, 2010). Other effects of office romance include sexual irritation claims, and workplace aggression. These impacts have made human resource managers doubt the probable aftermath of such relationship. These concerns have resulted to several business organizations to establish Consensual Relationship Agreements (Chen, 1999). [...]

[...] Employers may decide to reaffirm their prospects for responsible and respectable conduct within the working environment. According to Higher Education and Career Blog (2013), when the employer approaches the employees involved in work place romance to sign a Consensual Relationship Agreement, several workers doubt whether they have to sign it. These are voluntary contracts where employers need to inform both parties that they won't be punished in case they refuse to sign. Nonetheless, it might be at the best interest of the workers to accept the contract terms. [...]

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