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Constitutional and Administrative Issues

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  1. Procedural history
  2. Issues
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  5. Conclusion

Daniel C. Smith is an employee of the RidgeMont Township Board of Education. He serves as a high school teacher. He has served under the board for 20 years. Mr. Daniel telephoned the Bill Gallo show in New York City. He proceeded to enter into a discussion with the host of the show letting him know that he was an English teacher in one of the primary schools in the state. He entered into a discussion with the talk show host about teaching the African history in his class during the black history month.

The case was authored in the United States Supreme Court. This is where the proceedings started and the decision was made. The decision made was based on a motion summary of the judgment. The case was decided after all the evidence and interpolation of all constitutional issues were interpreted and considered in the case.

[...] It is a must for all public servants to conduct themselves with the highest standards possible. The court has to treat this case as an example of how other cases that are related to it should be judged. Conclusion The case will be hard to make a judgment upon considering all the matters to consider. However, everyone must be held responsible for the actions and utterances. Mr. Daniels had a case to answer for his reckless remarks that could undermine the working conditions in schools. In addition, these remarks were deemed uncouth and unprofessional. [...]

[...] The court will try to make its decisions while considering all these facts. Analysis The court has heard all the comments and arguments from both sides. The court has heard what Mr. Daniels had to say about the accusations before the court he has been given to respond to the accusations. The remarks made that 200 years we went to the moon. After 2000 years they are urinatinging and drinking water?, are at the center of the case. These remarks were made in reference to the Africa history month. [...]

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