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Counseling and Homelessness

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  1. Introduction
  2. Case Study
  3. Counseling
  4. Homelessness
  5. Conclusion

It has been said many times that there are three basic needs for a human being. These are food, shelter, and clothing. With the advancement of time, the list of basic needs seem to be growing longer with some things that would have otherwise been considered as mere luxuries now being considered as equally basic. However, regardless of the numerous needs that people may have in their everyday life the first still remain basic and paramount. This is because, lack of any one of these basic needs will negative affect the life of a person. Take for instance, shelter. A person without a place to call harm is not only at the risk of becoming sick but also greater dangers which could lead to loss of life. This discussion looks at the concept of homelessness and how it could lead to health problems. This discussion will also look at how counseling could help people who have been homeless so as to prevent them from sinking into depression.

Counseling has been identified as one of the most effective ways of dealing and curbing homelessness. According to research, counseling is one of the greatest ways of enhancing and building social relations. In many cases, most people who are homeless are so because of breakdown of relationships. A good example is when children are growing up. Normally, if a child feels that they are not getting the attention they would want from the immediate family, or perhaps there is a lot of violence in the family, there is a tendency to want retreat or completely get away from the reality. More often children may not figure out that they can put up in another person's place, if situations at their homes are unbearable. The most common thing with such children to do is to run away. It is these m kinds of kids who later turn to become street boys and girls and as they continue to grow, then street families are borne.

[...] Paula would then end up homeless as a street kid, sleeping on the corridors of building and surviving from handouts given by generous passersby in the street. After months of searching her family found her and it was such a big relief for them. However, the Paula they knew was long gone. The Paula in the streets did not want to come home to a family that did not offer anything but tears, depression, and ridicule from society. It took a lot of convincing to make Paula attend counseling sessions and make her see the need to reunite with her family. [...]

[...] Counseling as we all know is process and results in such a case, results are not always instantaneous. Patience should always be exercised when someone is going through counseling because some people take longer to respond positively to the counseling therapy (Andrew 2004). Paula does not see the point of going through the counseling sessions. She has the belief that not even the counselors can understand the pain she has gone through and turbulence she has witnessed in her family. [...]

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