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Criminal justice

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  1. Abstract
  2. Introduction
  3. The module of motivation
  4. Organizational effectiveness
  5. Employees Motivation
  6. Purpose of Assessment or Evaluation
  7. Conclusion

Criminology is a branch of Law which refers to cases that do with crime. Any crime has its doer and its victim. As such justice has to be done to the affected persons. It is here where law comes in. To defend both sides if possible as it seeks the truth and do justice (Croall,2004).

The Need Theory
Over the years this legal field has been researched and various theories established. In this case to rather define Need Theory is simply an explanation of the essentials of a person or persons involved in a case about needs(). In such a case the lawyers of both sides first state their defence then it is decided by the judge or judges involved in the case. As such both the plaintiff and the accused are to be given justice about a need or needs involved in the case in question(Croall,2011) .

[...] Research has shown that most criminals are motive by money, food or even acceptance. This is why they may commit a crime knowing it is important to them. If there could be nothing to get from crimes then there could be no criminals, and the world could be almost like heaven. The module of motivation is so great and integrated in life such that after every second a considerable number of crimes are reported all over the world. As in America, the cases are so many that they have reached an alarming level(Newburn,2007). [...]

[...] Here is where organizational effectiveness is born. It comes out as that effective participation by the parties concerned in application of the law over the committed crime or crimes(Muncie & Wilson,2004). Employees Motivation Other than giving employees a pay rise there other ways in which they can be motivated. For one employees can be given better working conditions, which can enable them to live happily without being given a pay rise. If for example the boss reduces cases of harshness towards his employees, they can definitely be motivated by such improved conditions. [...]

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