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Critical Examination of the Role of the Mentor

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  1. Introduction
  2. Critical Examination of the Role of the Mentor
  3. Constructive feedback
  4. Conclusion

Over the years, the global advancements spreading in the field of medicine have gradually revolutionized the health care delivery spilling a new wave of nursing requirements in the patient units. For that reason, professional progressions for entrants in the nursing field require a program nurtured through daily interaction with the guiding instrument both in the learning environment and practice placements. However, adapting to nursing requirements for a beginner has never been easy in practice as it seems in theory. For instance, a nursing student learns how to assume the role of a professional nurse at the bedside setting: developing technical skills, and incorporating the attitudes, values and beliefs of a practicing nurse (Coffey, n.d, para 1). In view of that, a nursing student learns from both the clinical setting simulated in the classroom and the patient unit interacting with the real application of the transferable skills into a compelling reality. Constructive feedback from the mentor greatly facilitates the development process of gaining clear decision making skills by inculcating a critical thinking culture to solve present and emerging challenges in nursing.

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[...] Critical Examination of the Role of the Mentor 5 In practice, providing constructive feedback is attained through the focus of the student as the center of the entire mentoring process. This is possible by maintaining the principles outlined by the Johari window model. Application of the model in the provision of feedback involves realization of the four areas identifying with the student's position to maintain an open communication channel in the relationship. Characteristically, the public area represents what is known to others and the individual following conversations where one shares information with others. [...]

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[...] Active learning approach through reflecting on one's past and present practice is essential to correct the insufficient functioning to gain competence in nursing. Accomplishment of such objectives demands a supportive mentor offering tactful corrections while demonstrating professional objectivity through positive criticism. Establishing a strong interpersonal connection to the mentee is essential for the student to bridge the gap existing between learnt theory and application of skills in practice. Normally, the role of the mentor Critical Examination of the Role of the Mentor revolves around two objectives including facilitating students' learning and strengthening students' professionalism (Chandan & Watts p. 3). [...]

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