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Critical Response - Globalization and Modern Day Slavery

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  1. Introduction
  2. Globalization
  3. Modern Day Slavery
  4. Siddarth Kara
  5. Conclusion

Over the last decade, human trafficking has been on the spotlight. The politicians, public and even students, tend to focus on this contemporary issue since it is real. All the stakeholders share one notion since they believe that it would only take time, careful thinking and persistence to end the menace of human trafficking for sexual exploitation. It is imperative to understand that each person deserves respect and honor. Everybody has a role to uphold the dignity of humanity. In the past decades, people had legal rights of ownership over other human beings. However, abolition of those rights created a new era where people became aware of their human rights. Still, it is quite shocking and saddening that some people still engage in modern sex slavery. Scholars have seen the need to focus on the issue of human trafficking with an aim to eradicate this vice since it belittles the humanity.

Siddarth Kara, in his award winning book " Sex Trafficking: Inside the Business of Modern Slavery" explores the issue of sex trafficking in economic and strategic analysis. He asserts that there are millions of slaves in modern societies, and this represents the failure of the global community to combat the vice (Kara 1). Therefore, it is crucial to understand the cause of modern day slavery, how it functions and measures to eradicate the menace. What motivates a human being to sell fellow human being? Numerous researches show that selling of the victims happens by those who are closest to them as parents, siblings and even spouses.

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