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Critique and supports the role of psychology in education

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  1. Introduction
  2. Synthesis of the course content
  3. Role of psychology in education
  4. Conclusion

Psychology is a subject that should be studied by everyone since it makes it easier to understand other people to enable you to respond appropriately and timely to their needs. This is especially important in learning institutions.

It is vital that instructors in schools where majority are children and adolescents understand the development stages of these learners so that important support can be provided to help them benefit from what they are taught in class from day to day. This course has been so beneficial in providing a clear understanding of the learning needs of children and the strategies which teachers can use in nurturing and developing these children. Every aspect of this course is important since it contributes to overall understanding of psychology and its application to the teaching fraternity.

[...] It is an approach that helps teachers to ensure course content is covered comprehensively within available time and resources. At the same time, this planning ensures all the needs of learners are well taken into consideration including slow learners and exceptional students. Role of psychology in education The way this course content is arranged makes it very easy for students leaning to be teachers to appreciate the vital role of psychology in education. Teachers are able to be dynamic in the training of children according to their needs. [...]

[...] In order to identify exceptional students and language minority students, the understanding of development process is a major factor. The latter part of the course introduced various issues related to these language minorities and exceptional students including legislation related to them, and the appropriate strategies to ensure such groups make maximum use of the time in school in gaining knowledge. Teachers must know that the proportion of such students is very small. It is therefore important that children are treated as individuals not as groups unless there is evidence that they have similar abilities. [...]

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