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Darfur crisis

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  1. Introduction
  2. The roots of the conflict
    1. A bad heritage of colonialism
    2. Ethnic rivalries within the country
  3. Islamism
    1. A government of Khartoum not adapted
    2. The Darfur crisis
  4. Annexes
  5. Conclusion

"Darfur is a little short of hell on earth? and it had asserted the 7th Secretary General of the United-Nations: Kofi Annan in 2005. Here, he described the terrible situation which is occurred the small area of Sudan: a north-western African country. Since 2003, a struggle between the government and rebel armies caused far too much blood to be wasted. Darfur is a western region of Sudan. It covers approximately an area of 493.180 km square, just over 90% the size of France. From north-eastern to south-western, it has borders with Libya, Chad and the Central African Republic. The region's main towns are Al-Fashir, Nyala and Geneima. Darfur is largely an arid plateau with a great range of volcanic peaks rising up to 3000 m in its center: the Marrah Mountains.

So that's here, in a region at first sight prosperous that terror, inhumanity, horror have become the ?humdrum routine? of the Darfur population. With respect to this war it was implied in regard to civilians. So how can the historical past of Darfur explain the current conflict in which many international actors are involved? Can we talk about an efficient international solidarity? We will study, in the first part the roots of the conflict then its aftermaths, and finally, we will interest more closely to the international mobilization.

[...] *Team in Darfur: 344 persons in the North of Darfur and 159 in the South The French section of MSF had gradually implemented nutritional, medical, and water and sanitation programmes in several sites for internally displaced people in West Darfur state. *Expending in 2006: about 13.359 million in Sudan whose Darfur with 5.096 million Darfur is one of MSF's largest missions with 120 international and more than 1,800 national staff working throughout an area the size of France. On average, MSF teams there perform 581 consultations per month. [...]

[...] Actually, the Darfur conflict seems to have reflected the difficulties for Europe, politically speaking, on the international scene but also to what extent it can consider itself as an efficient peace actor. Indeed, the European Union suffered from a non coherence between its members' states concerning actions led in Sudan. The members even sometimes have different comments from those of the European institutions (which are supposed to represent all the member states). For example, Sweden preferred having alone a conversation with the African Union about the use of 1.2 million Euros that were given by this European country, in order to strengthen the Human Rights comity of the African Union Mission in Sudan. [...]

[...] As a consequence, the first victims of the crisis are the children, and we can notice that death rates of children in the region are higher than the other ages. Source: The children who are victims often suffer from: -Sub-nutrition; -Diarrheic diseases, such as cholera, mostly caused by the pollution of water; -Wounds due to the rebel attacks; -Pneumonia and fever Besides, the living conditions in villages are disastrous because of their devastation by the attacks. Indeed, the sanitary means nearly don't exist anymore and the populations are forced to survive with what they have. [...]

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