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Defense for Christianity vs. Atheism

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  1. Introduction
  2. Why Christianity is dominant to atheism?
  3. Christianity
  4. Conclusion

Christianity is a collective name given to the people who are Christians (Sue, 6). Christianity is divided into two main groups, Orthodox Christians and western Christianity. Christians believe that there exists a supreme power above them, God. Atheists on the other side do not believe in the existence of gods. Arguments about this none believe is based on deliberate choice or the inability to believe in religious teachings, which to them seems incredible (Mathew, par. 5). The level of atheism is determined by the believe that is associated with a person. Atheists who only believe in the non-existence of God are called Weak atheists while strong atheists believe in the non-existence of all gods. Further, Atheists believe that they do not have to give evidence to support their argument because it is based on opinion. Arguing about the lack of evidence of God without giving a counterargument makes no sense as it does not solve the puzzle. A point cannot be argued to from a negative side of view and fail to give positive opinions. Atheists do not, therefore, give enough evidence to prove that God does not exist. It remains that their stand is a matter of opinions and has no practicality. Christians on the other side challenge this opinion and provide evidence on the existence of God. This argument is attached to certain phenomena of nature and creation. Christianity point of view is practical, because such things happen on a daily basis. It is senseless to hold a position based on the lack of evidence. Instead, a position should be supported by evidence.

[...] Share faith. Christian Arguments Against Atheism. Retrieved from: Mathew. An introduction to Atheism Retrieved from: Matt Slick. Atheism. Retrieved from : Michael Martin. Atheism: A philosophical Justification. United States of America: Temple University Press. 1990. [...]

[...] God is the Affinity. Atheists believe that men evolved from other species. The way in which they explain the theory of evolution does not bring a mutual dependency; the explanations are not consistent. Christians believe in the presence of God who created all things (Genesis 1:27). In Genesis the Bible supports the argument of where man originated. It is provided in the Bible that God created heaven and earth Surname 5 from the start and filled it with all kinds of creatures. [...]

[...] Christians believe in God as the stimuli. Atheists do not believe in God. It means that, from their explanation on nature, brains are controlled by a series of chemical reactions, but they do not support the origin of the chemical reaction. Their relations on stimuli and nature do not have a base. Christians have a common believe to support all their arguments. The idea of Atheists of believing that the laws of logic emanate from human constructs poses contradicting results. [...]

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