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Deterministic Human Freedom

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  1. Introduction
  2. Human freedom and the news
  3. Determinism theory of human freedom
  4. Natural laws and rules
  5. Conclusion

One of the key contemporary issues identified in society is the use of contraceptives. Recently there has been a controversial debate about the use of contraceptives. We cannot refute the reality that technology has taken over every aspect of life. We should also recognize the reality that the world's population needs to be controlled. Family planning is mandatory in today's contemporary society, and this has been enhanced through contraceptives (Barragan, 2011). The ObamaCare contraception mandate is one such issue that has triggered debates in the society. The President required all employee health insurers to cover for the employee's birth control. This included religious institutions whether pro-life or pro-choice. This created collusion especially between the government and many institutions including religious institutions (Barragan, 2011).

Most institutions including pro-life religious institutions like the Roman Catholic Church and catholic universities have rejected the mandated. These institutions claim that the mandate is immature, and the government should reconsider the mandate. Lawyers on opposing ends in the Supreme Court claim the High Court should offer an ultimate profound judgment to this controversial issue.

[...] Obama Care Challange. The Hill, Barragan, J. (2011, May 15). Determinism and Free Will. Human Freedom 12-14. Dowd, K. (2013, June 2). PolicyMic.Net. Retrieved August from World Wide Web: obamacare-s-birth-control-mandate-is-here Newall, P. (2013, July 7). The Hill.Inc. [...]

[...] Freedom is compatible with determinism since it explains that the human freedom is understood the ability to do what we want. According to the hard determinists, free will is limited by natural laws and rules of land. Just as some philosophers argue, freedom is only an illusion that cannot coexist in a society governed by rules and regulations. Usually, morality expects us to think of ourselves as free beings. As objects in the world, we are determined to think and act as free but through the conscious, we are free. [...]

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